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JPEG is the most widespread and popular bitmap format. The form got its name from the abbreviation from the name of the organization-developer Joint Photographic Experts Group. Files of this format are used today in all digital cameras and cameras. They have good compression rates and support 24-bit color depth. Because such compression drastically reduces image size with little or no loss in quality, the JPEG format is widespread on the Internet. However, the stronger the compression, the worse the quality. In addition, the JPEG format does not support the transparency option.


PNG is a bitmap format developed by PNG Development Group. PNG is an abbreviation for Portable Network Graphic. This image format is used primarily on the Internet for posting on web pages, because PNG files are compressed using the Deflate algorithm without losing quality. The development of this format was undertaken in order to replace the GIF format, to which there were many complaints. PNG is much better in image quality and performance, but unlike GIF, it does not support animation and uses the CMYK palette.