MD5 Generator

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Online MD5 generator is designed to encrypt text using the Md5 algorithm.

What is it?

MD5 is a popular Internet conversion algorithm for user input. It serves to encrypt texts. Using this hash function, you can quickly and easily encrypt your password. The function turns any phrase, word or text into a set of 32 incoherent characters: letters and numbers. The resulting recording is almost impossible to translate and return to its original state.

Why is it needed?

What is the practical meaning of this operation? An imprint, an abstract cast, is removed from the user's code word that carries a certain meaning. The user enters his password (code word), the fingerprint of the password is compared with other fingerprints stored in the database. If the fingerprint matches one of the impressions stored in the database, then the user logs in.

How to use the generator?

Enter your password in the top field. A snapshot of the password will appear in the second field - MD5 hash. In the third field, you will see an entry in MD5 BASE64 encoding. For example, you entered the password: password123. In MD5 format, the word will look like: 5f85613d4c9fb5d97a223f173f339a0a. And in MD5 BASE64 encoding, the following entry will appear: X4VhPUyftdl6Ij8XPzOaCg ==.